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Attachment, Trauma and Toxic Relationships

In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of attachment theory, a concept that shapes how we connect with others from infancy through adulthood. Discover how psychologist John Bowlby’s groundbreaking work on emotional bonds and Mary Ainsworth’s research on attachment styles influence our relationships. We explore the four main attachment styles—secure, anxious, avoidant, and disorganized—and how they manifest in adult relationships, often leading to complex dynamics.

We’ll also shed light on the nature of toxic relationships, how they differ from abusive ones, and the subtle signs that may indicate toxicity. Learn how early childhood experiences and attachment styles contribute to these patterns and why therapy can be a crucial tool for transforming toxic relationships into healthy, fulfilling ones.

Whether you’re curious about your own attachment style, seeking to improve your relationships, or wanting to understand the roots of relationship trauma, this episode offers valuable insights and practical advice.

Join us as we unpack the intricate connections between attachment, relationship dynamics, and personal well-being.

When the Rose Coloured Glasses Come Off
When the Rose Coloured Glasses Come Off
Attachment, Trauma and Toxic Relationships

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