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115 Apple Creek Blvd, Unit 205 Markham, ON L3R 6C9

Serving Vaughan, ON

Meet Mun Yee Lee

I am a registered Social Worker with over twenty years of experience in social service settings. My expertise lies in working with children, youth and adults, focusing on mood regulation, trauma work, stress management, family conflicts and parenting.

I’m here to join your journey.

My passion for mental health is rooted in the belief that suffering is a fundamental aspect of the human condition. Through my personal experiences, I’ve come to understand that humans suffer in diverse ways, yet this suffering is a condition that can be comprehended and transcended. I hold a deep belief in the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of connecting with our inner selves, expanding our capacity for self-compassion. As a therapist, I embrace the responsibility of creating a safe space where individuals can access their inner wisdom without fear of judgment. This, I believe, is a crucial step towards facilitating change and life transformation.

Knowledge is power! One of my specializations is integrating neuroscience into counseling psychology. By understanding the intricacies of the brain and its autonomic nervous system responses to the challenges of daily life, individuals can gain valuable insights. This understanding empowers us to reframe reactions to traumatic events with compassion. When we learn how to regulate the nervous system, it opens up new perspectives and choices. This, in turn, enables us to cultivate self-awareness regarding past behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. Ultimately, it offers an opportunity to restore the functionality of the nervous system, enabling us to embrace life in a more meaningful way.

I hold a strong curiosity in body-oriented and mindfulness-based practices that foster a more accepting relationship with our emotional states. This, in turn, enhances our ability to self-regulate, especially in challenging situations. In therapy, I incorporate mindfulness and focusing, employing a specific form of attention to access bodily wisdom. This approach sets the stage for inner work and provides essential support for therapeutic change.

I have received specialized training in structural family therapy, and I’m particularly drawn to the systemic approach. This perspective serves as a powerful reminder not to pathologize individuals but to approach dynamics within systems with curiosity. In therapy, my focus is on mapping relational patterns between family members or subsets of the family, encouraging individuals to explore new alternative ways to derive meaning, solve problems, and navigate interactions. Additionally, I integrate skills from a range of modalities, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

As a mother with a teenage daughter, I like to begin my day with slow breathing and stretching on the hardwood floor. I enjoy chitchatting with friends and watching shows on Netflix.

Language: English, Cantonese

How Mun Yee can help you

Child & Adolescent Therapy

Individual & Family Therapy

Anxiety & Depression

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