Accessible Mental Health Practitioners Where You Need Them to Be

Connect with one of our counsellors using your laptop, phone or tablet,
from home, your office, your car or anywhere else you can talk.

Virtual Therapy & Online Counselling | Four Seasons Counselling

Virtual therapy has become an easy and convenient way for everyone to access services, when in need. Whether you are at home, at work or in your car, virtual services can provide a safe and comfortable place to share what you need, in an environment you decide works best for you.

Using an online platform that is electronically secure (PHIPA encrypted Canada wide) allows for the necessary confidentiality and safety that every client expects and deserves.

Virtual therapy is also accessible with extended availability, based on the client and therapists’ availability, including in the early hours of the morning or into the evening hours.

Overall, this form of accessible therapy breaks down barriers of:

  • travel (time and costs)
  • parking (location and costs)
  • the headaches of traffic
  • work schedules
  • family life schedules (childcare)

Virtual therapy can be daunting for some clients, if they struggle with anxiety, initial trust issues, being introverted and natural fears of beginning a therapeutic journey. The video option allows for comfort and safety, in your own space, to allow for trust to increase over time.

Something to note: Because therapy can be emotional it is important to consider your ability to self soothe and self-regulate. That is, that you are able to calm yourself down, when in sessions, to avoid a crisis situation. If this is not possible, then virtual therapy may not be for you. Your safety is of critical importance to us. In discussion with your therapist, this is something that will be assessed ongoing, and alternate recommendations can be discussed, to find a safe and suitable alternative.

Important Notice

Virtual therapy is not used for crisis services or emergency situations. If you require urgent services, please call:

  • 911
  • 1-800-
  • Or attend your nearest emergency department

All mental health professionals have a duty to report if there is a concern a client may cause harm to themselves and/or others, and therefore emergency services may need to be contacted by the practitioner. Please note that this is outlined in the confidentiality agreement prior to beginning services.

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If you’re struggling to deal with life’s challenges, you’re not alone and there’s no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed. All people – and especially women – go through different phases of life. Life naturally presents us with challenges and obstacles, whether to do with our work, our families and friends, our relationships and even internal struggles with ourselves.

We help people explore and understand the problems that they face. By developing the right mindset and tools for articulating their feelings and having their voices heard, they are empowered to face and overcome their challenges.

Using their newfound confidence, courage and bravery, they emerge from their winter, through a spring season marked by personal growth, and into the joys and happiness of summer.

We’re ready to help you find your summer. Let’s connect and get started.

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