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115 Apple Creek Blvd, Unit 205 Markham, ON L3R 6C9

Serving Markham, Vaughan, Maple, Richmond Hill and Scarborough

How we

We provide Counselling and Therapy Services

We Help You Explore, Reflect, and Inquire to Enhance Awareness, Which In Turn is a Key in the Quest for Greater Excellence and Meaning in Working and Living

We will engage in high-level conversations and processes that support reflection and inquiry that promote awareness during our sessions and in between.

Every Human Being is Creative and Self-Creating

In therapy and counselling, we assume that you are creative, capable of change, and able to generate your own unique answers. We will help you discover your answers and bring more of your inherent creativity to your work and life.

  • a. Capable of change
  • b. Own unique answers

Every Human Being is by Nature Meaning-Seeking and Meaning-Making

In therapy, we will work on discovering which goals have meaning for you, and help you tap into your inherent motivation, by linking action and effort to meaningful goals.

  1. Discover goals with meaning
  2. Tap into motivation
  3. Link action to meaningful goals

Every Human Being Has Unique Strengths With Which to Create a Meaningful Life

Corollary: In therapy, we will connect with and nurture your unique gifts & strengths, and help you find ways to express them optimally in your life and work.

  1. Using strengths & gifts to create meaning
  2. Nurture & express them optimally

Thriving in Your Summer

With a health mindset, the right tools, hard work and persistence, you will be able to move forward and find your happiness. In the changing seasons of life, this is your summer!

The most important part of summer is enjoying the fruits of your labour. Your road forward likely hasn’t been easy, so it is important to appreciate your better situation and appreciate where you’ve made improvements.

Even when you’ve reached a happier situation, you can still work on improving other aspects of your life. There’s no such thing as feeling too happy, too confident or having too much self-worth.

Avoiding or Skillfully Navigating Through Future Winters

As with the seasons of the year, the seasons of life can be cyclical and will change. The nature of happy relationships can change, your perspectives on life can change, and external family, work or life situations can change in undesired ways and on a moment’s notice.

Our coaching and counselling helps you prepare for coming winters. We help you recognize patterns that could lead to challenging times. We help you create awareness and strategies so remain mindful & vigilant about your place in life. We help you build a strong & resilient mindset to prepare for challenges ahead.

If winter does return we can help you navigate through it with courage, strength & bravery. We’ll help you refine your strategy, learn new tools, and reinforce the mindset & perspective you’ll need to once again find your summer.

Like the seasons of the year, life’s seasons change. You don’t have to be stuck in your winter. Are you ready to start changing your season?

Start Changing Your Season Today

Our mission is to help move you through these phases of life, just like the seasons, to a place of calm and acceptance.

If you are ready to discover, explore & move forward, we are ready to help.