Navigating the Adolescent Journey: Building Strong Parent-Teen Connections

As our teens are expanding into the world of dating, driving, music, friends, and of course, all things dreadful such as sex, drugs, and technology, it becomes evident that they are carving their distinct paths and spending less time with their parents. Nurturing a robust parent-teen relationship becomes imperative at this point because dramatic change occurs both in our children and in the way [...]

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Parenting: Secure Attachment

Secure attachment is a healthy and positive emotional bond that develops between a child and their primary caregiver. Children who experience this type of bond are more likely to develop a positive self-image, higher self-esteem, and greater resilience. Moreover, these children tend to be more socially competent due to a greater sense of relatedness, and they generally have stronger learning abilities, as they can [...]

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Can Anxiety Be Caused by Childhood Trauma?

Anxiety is a common human experience. We experience anxiety as a part of our evolutionary danger response, which then trickles into normal events such as big presentations and first dates. However, clinical anxiety, defined as any anxiety that becomes chronic and interferes in daily life, is a disruption of our regular functioning. These persistent and intense worries can develop at any point in life, [...]

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How Do Parents Contribute to Childhood Anxiety?

Our children. We love them and want to give them the best of everything and more. We want our kids to have unshakeable self-worth and self-esteem, confidence in navigating the world, social skills to make the best of friends and networks, healthy bodies to keep them moving, and enough empathy and humor to have a great personality. However, the way we interact with our [...]

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