Learning How to Love Again in a Healthy Relationship – 6 Key Steps!

Recovering from a toxic or narcissistic relationship and learning how to love again takes time, self-reflection, and work. It is important to learn to trust yourself again and to find a partner willing to grow together with you to build a trusting healthy relationship. Some of these key steps can also apply to family, friends, colleagues, and others in our lives. 1. Understand and [...]

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The 5 stages of Grief During a Separation/Divorce with a Narcissist

Managing Grief after a Narcissistic Relationship Sometimes life does not seem easy, nor fair. However, designing a life of happiness that is healthy and positive for you, (and your children if you are a parent), is always worth the temporary pain and effort. Leaving a toxic relationship and managing the grief after a narcissistic relationship is essential to long-term physical and mental health, emotional [...]

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Stages and Cycles of a Narcissistic Relationship

With a relationship with a narcissist, often it is easier to look back at the past and see situations with more clarity. After leaving a relationship with a narcissist, victims will often describe feeling like they have been swept through a tornado or hurricane and that they didn’t see the warning signs as they were happening and only realized too late how toxic their [...]

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Understanding Narcissism

There is so much out there, in the online world, on social platforms and in the media to help identify and understand narcissism that it is confusing to decipher what is accurate and what is not. There is also a current trend for self-diagnosing mental health issues. It often seems that someone watches Dr. Phil or listens to a podcast and suddenly becomes a [...]

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