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Sonya Gandhi, Women's Counsellor In Vaughan, ON

Meet Sonya Gandhi, BSW, BSc (Psychology), Life Coach

I have worked in the helping profession for over 25 years as a Social Worker in various settings delivering client focused, non-judgemental and strength-based services with compassion and empathy. Throughout my career I have worked closely with individuals and families dealing with traumatic experiences. I have been able to assist parents, children and families as they transition through separation and divorce and other personal challenges including self-worth and self-esteem, relationships and awareness of their strengths. 

People have said that I am about getting to the heart of the matter and figuring out a way to move forward. I would have to say that is pretty accurate as I am naturally curious about people and what motivates them and have asked questions to compel deeper thinking. Becoming a Life Coach was a natural fit with my curiosity which has allowed me to do what I enjoy most: understanding and supporting people to take the next step on their life journey and achieve their goals 

At Four Seasons Counselling Services, I continue to focus on helping women deal with life situations such as maneuvering through relationships, setting healthy boundaries, physical safety, grief, loss and issues of self. I strive towards exploring current situations, understanding their journeys then devising strategies and a roadmap for moving on and guiding them to stay on track. 

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Our Trusted Support Network

When you are exploring and implementing change, you might need additional support beyond the counselling & coaching services that we provide. Through our 25 years of working in this field, we’ve developed some very strong and trusting relationships with some amazing partners.

We have ready access to a proven network of family lawyers, mediators, community organizations & other professionals that can help you achieve your goals. We can also connect you with a variety of therapists, counsellors & coaches of different disciplines to give you the support you need.

Working collaboratively, we can help you overcome any challenges you face and achieve any goals you’re ready to put your heart into.

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If you’re struggling to deal with life’s challenges, you’re not alone and there’s no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed. All people – and especially women – go through different phases of life. Life naturally presents us with challenges and obstacles, whether to do with our work, our families and friends, our relationships and even internal struggles with ourselves.

We help people explore and understand the problems that they face. By developing the right mindset and tools for articulating their feelings and having their voices heard, they are empowered to face and overcome their challenges.

Using their newfound confidence, courage and bravery, they emerge from their winter, through a spring season marked by personal growth, and into the joys and happiness of summer.

We’re ready to help you find your summer. Let’s connect and get started.

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